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SMART Services

 In addition to STEM Training, SMART Academy offers:

  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Remedial Training
  • Horticulture
  • STEM/Horticulture Black History


Life Skills Coaching


At SMART Academy, we believe people are living in challenging times, especially young folks.  Our goal is to ensure they have mental wholeness and any psychological support needed to help with issues that may trigger stress or to just check-in.  We have partnered with a Mental Health Therapist and Consultant, and other licensed agencies to assist as necessary with the program.


SMART Academy founders are making a difference by giving back to the community!

Remedial Training


The ultimate goal of increased graduation rates in STEM programs relies on multiple preliminary steps.  Often times this means bringing the students up to spread in math and science.  We provide one-on-one tutoring and our approach is to focus on skill building at the individual (student) level and capacity-building  (SMART ) level to ensure a deliberate and sustainable approach and program. We aim to ensure a solid foundation of learning where individuals grow and contribute to society in meaningful ways.




The Horticulture program uses inquiry to introduce students to the properties of the soil and how the soil interacts with the growing crop. They explore what nutrients the crop needs and when and how to apply these nutrients; the ways that crops grow and develop; how climate and other environmental factors affect the crop at all stages; and how best to control weeds, insects, fungi, and other crop pests.


STEM/Horticulture Black History


SMART Academy is dedicated to providing information on the achievements of African Americans.  We believe you have to know your past in order to successfully embrace your future.  At SMART Academy, students are thought the significant contributions and major impacts African Americans and Blacks have made around the world in STEM and Horticulture.